For safe & effective rehab treatment in Oxnard, consider our Total Immersion Method of treating addiction at Channel Islands Rehab. Even the best intensive outpatient program can’t compare to Total Immersion which safeguards patients from relapse and provides a comfortable place to begin healing. If you’re on the verge of choosing an IOP addiction treatment program, we encourage you to contact Channel Islands Rehab today to explore therapies and programs offered in our rehab. We’re confident you will find your path to recovery leads through our doors.

5 Compelling Reasons To Seek Professional Addiction Treatment In A Rehab

1. A residential recovery program such as Total Immersion will keep you on track to reaching your goals in rehab. Inpatient rehab provides 24/7 support, a structured schedule, and additional incentives that prevent relapse from occurring. Intensive drug and alcohol treatment works better for patients transitioning from a higher level program to Sober Living or life at home.

2. Most residential addiction rehabilitation programs offer amenities that keep patients from becoming bored in rehab; Channel Islands Rehab is no exception. During the off-time when you’re not in therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself while you take time to think about your new future.

3. You’ll make friends in rehab that can last a lifetime. Outpatient treatment for substance abuse is offered in a more casual atmosphere. It’s not as easy to make new friends in an IOP as during residential rehab treatment in Oxnard. Walking through recovery with a community at your side, you’ll feel encouraged and more equipped to deal with triggers when they emerge.

4. Patients in IOP tend to become less motivated over time; many eventually stop attending meetings and turn back to old habits, such as drinking or using. Our Total Immersion Method at Channel Islands Rehab will keep you moving toward your goals. Tailored programs address the severity of your addiction and offer you the help you need to begin living the life you were born to live.

5. Medical-Assisted Detox & Treatment are proven more effective than going ‘cold turkey’ or trying to taper from drugs or alcohol at home. The fact is, trying to beat addiction without an evidence-based program like the one we offer can be dangerous and even lethal. There’s a good reason why recovery experts recommend residential programs more often than outpatient programs- they work.

Humanistic Therapies At Channel Island Rehab

If your addiction is complicated by depression, anxiety, panic disorders, or traumatic memories, our Humanistic Therapy can help you discover the true purpose in your life and improve your self-esteem while you heal from addiction. Read more about Total Immersion and Humanistic Therapy offered at CIR and reach out when you need rehab treatment in Oxnard.

No treatment center is more equipped to address your addiction than Channel Islands Rehab. Contact our office now to request an insurance benefits check or call to discuss rehab for you or a loved one. Our helpline is always open when you call 800-675-7963.