Physical and Spiritual Healing Humanistic Therapies

Humanistic Therapy

Above all, Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center respects the value of the individual. We realize that everyone is unique, with his or her own way of viewing the world and themselves. Our Humanistic Therapy, yet one more important element of our Total Immersion Method, enables us to look at the entire person…not just from our point of view, but also from yours as well. We see and address your positive attributes and help you use those personal traits and commendable instincts to grow, heal and ultimately thrive.

The Search for Self-Esteem

This type of therapy is especially useful, if you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any variety of panic disorders. We have had tremendous success applying Humanistic Therapy to individuals with low self-esteem or those searching for true purpose in their lives. It’s clear that many suffering from addiction are extremely unhappy with themselves, so there is great benefit in exploring the positives that every human being possesses.

The Humanistic approach that we take is all evidence-based, staying true to our overriding philosophy at Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center. In the course of our therapy discussions, we often bring the conversation to a simple, basic level that makes it easy and comfortable for you to express feelings without fear of being judged or misunderstood. In these conversations, our therapist becomes an equal, rather than a figure of authority.

A Friendly Voice for Change

In every case, our licensed Humanistic therapists are warm and approachable, with great senses of empathy. Someone you would feel comfortable talking to, about almost anything. They introduce complementing therapies such as Art and Music as canvasses for self-expression and they encourage individual thinking. Remember, we are all pursuing the same goals here – the kind of long-term recovery that can lead to many years of sobriety, purpose and fulfilled potential.