Frequently Asked Questions

An inpatient experience allows you the opportunity to work on your personal issues for a significant amount of time without the distractions or interruptions of daily life. By immersing yourself in our Total Immersion Method Program, you are able to look at all the facets of life, get to the root of issues, evaluate relationships and patterns of living, and restructure your life to begin a healthier, more fulfilling future. Immersing yourself into a supportive, focused and concentrated environment allow you to focus solely on you. Channel Islands Rehab and The Total Immersion Method blends a truly individual program with a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and an environment that gives each resident the tools necessary to achieve the highest likelihood of ongoing recovery. Treatment can give you the opportunity to live again – to realize that you are a good person with a bad disease. Our Residential (Inpatient) program can help you start over with the tools, support, honesty, and courage to take back what has been taken from you – a deep appreciation for life, wellness, family… and hope!

Visiting privileges are given at the discretion of the resident’s clinical team, in accordance with the best interests of the resident. The primary therapist generally authorizes visitation after five full days of treatment—on Sundays and designated holidays. Visiting hours on Sundays are from 3:00pm– 5:30pm. Visitors must be approved by the Clinical Team. Visitors must follow the guidelines for appropriate attire and are asked to not bring any food, candy, soda, gifts, magazines, etc. to any resident. Visitors are required to check in at the main reception desk and must provide a government issued ID upon arrival.

Clients may use their devices/phones on a limited basis while staff are present. This allows the client to take care of business matters at hand and not be distracted by outside factors that can hinder one’s success while in treatment.

Channel Islands Rehab will assist you with the details of your employment situation, whether it be relating to documentation, medical leave or any other issues. In every case, we will support your professional success.

Channel Islands drug and alcohol rehab provides medically assisted detox whether the substance is alcohol, benzos, opiates, or all three. Oral medications may be used to ensure your comfort and safety and will be administered under the supervision of our medical director.

Channel Islands Rehab charges vary depending on detox and medications. We have different payment options for non-insurance clients. We will be happy to check your insurance coverage. Co-payment/deductible amount will be due at the time of admission. If you would like to verify your insurance coverage, please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

All admissions must be screened, approved, and scheduled before arrival. All it takes is a phone call.