Detox Ventura County

Detox Treatment Oxnard & Ventura CA

The first stage in your recovery journey is Detox. Drug or alcohol use over an extended period of time is not something you can overcome instantly. It takes time, as well as a cleansing process, to remove those toxins from your body and return you to a condition where you can effectively work on becoming sober again. This detoxification helps restore positive energy to both your body and mind. First, it helps loosen the physiological grip which, in turn, enables you to focus your mind on the therapeutic work ahead. This is a serious process, however, that should only be done in the company of trained professionals. Under our care and supervision, you can expect a safe, comfortable experience.

Personalizing Your Treatment

As a personal boutique facility, our Oxnard drug detox center prepares individualized treatment for every guest. The detox element of your program reflects careful analysis and planning from our staff, which includes doctors and nurses and others, who strive to make it as smooth and uncomplicated as possible for you. Keep in mind that detox is the foundation of your recovery, gently weaning your body from the damaging chemicals on which it was so dependent. As your body is restored to its normal metabolic function, you may be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and incident-free the process can be.

A Closer Look at the Process

So what can you expect during your detox period?

  • A licensed doctor will oversee your personalized detox process, designed for your overall health and the types of substances you have used, including the amount and length of usage.
  • We will ensure that you are receiving proper nutrition and enjoying a peaceful setting as we help you negotiate through the detox period.
  • While you are undergoing detox, you may experience sweating and flushing, anxiety, headaches, muscle aches, difficulty sleeping and other related symptoms, but our skilled team will work to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.
  • During medical detox, we regularly monitor your vital signs as well as your emotional condition, to help you avoid any adverse reactions.
  • You may be given certain addiction treatment medications while in detox. These can help reduce some of detox’s various physical symptoms and may help stifle any cravings. Among these could be benzodiazepines, antidepressants and/or opioid and non-opioid agonists or antagonists.
  • Our Ventura detox treatment professionals will closely integrate your detox program with our other drug rehabilitation programs so that your recovery is well-rounded and filled with numerous opportunities to see progress.

It’s Important for You to Know about Detox Treatment

Should you ever have any questions about the detox protocol that you are following, we encourage you to talk to our admissions counselors or your counselor. It is never an inconvenience for us. In fact, Our Oxnard alcohol detox center welcome your inquiries because it shows that you are taking an active interest in your recovery and trying to accomplish it the best way possible.

While some people have preconceived ideas about what detox is, these are not always correct. It is best to learn about the process in its entirety from an experienced counselor who can dispel any false rumors and provide you with a step-by-step explanation of what will take place. One thing is certain – if you follow your detox procedures properly and utilize all of the great support that is available, you will remember detox as a turning point in your life – that first important step to becoming a whole person again, unencumbered by destructive drugs or alcohol.