Channel Islands Surrounding Support

Surrounding Support

From our admissions counselor to our discharge planner, and every caring professional you will encounter in-between, Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center takes tremendous pride in the skills and commitment demonstrated by our entire staff. All of the members of our team are dedicated to the healing process. To each of them, their work here at Channel Islands is not just a job, it is a passion.

Professionalism at Every Level

We feature fully licensed doctors, nurses, therapists and case managers who will oversee every aspect of you or your loved one’s stay here at our renowned treatment center. Each of these individuals possesses years of experience and specialized training for treating substance abuse and addiction. Just as important, our staff members display real compassion and understanding, so vital in developing personal connections and strong therapist-client relationships. At our small, boutique-style facility, they get to know you on a personal level. Their innovative and integrative, evidence-based care provides a proven road map to long-lasting recovery.

Total Immersion in Every Way

You will not be a stranger here. We get to know you, as well as your preferences and your personality. This enables us to match you with therapists, counselors, mentors and discharge planners who instill in you a sense of comfort and familiarity. Around this core team are many others who act as an all-encompassing support group, from those in maintenance who work to keep your room warm and inviting, to our accomplished chef, who prepares delicious meals that nourish and satisfy. This supportive care is an important centerpiece of our acclaimed Total Immersion Method.

We invite you to talk with many of our staff members, tour the facility and watch each individual doing his or her job with pride and a keen sense of responsibility. And after your stay here at Channel Islands is complete, you will continue to feel that same professionalism and camaraderie through the support of our Alumni Club. That is the essence of Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center. When you come here for healing, we take it personally. And we work every day to never let you down.