Channel Islands Surrounding Support

Surrounding Support

From our admissions counselor to our discharge planner, and every caring professional you will encounter in-between, Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center takes tremendous pride in the skills and commitment demonstrated by our entire staff. All of the members of our team are dedicated to the healing process. To each of them, their work here at Channel Islands is not just a job, it is a passion.

Professionalism at Every Level

We feature fully licensed doctors, nurses, therapists and case managers who will oversee every aspect of you or your loved one’s stay here at our renowned treatment center. Each of these individuals possesses years of experience and specialized training for treating substance abuse and addiction. Just as important, our staff members display real compassion and understanding, so vital in developing personal connections and strong therapist-client relationships. At our small, boutique-style facility, they get to know you on a personal level. Their innovative and integrative, evidence-based care provides a proven road map to long-lasting recovery.

Total Immersion in Every Way

You will not be a stranger here. We get to know you, as well as your preferences and your personality. This enables us to match you with therapists, counselors, mentors and discharge planners who instill in you a sense of comfort and familiarity. Around this core team are many others who act as an all-encompassing support group, from those in maintenance who work to keep your room warm and inviting, to our accomplished chef, who prepares delicious meals that nourish and satisfy. This supportive care is an important centerpiece of our acclaimed Total Immersion Method.

We invite you to talk with many of our staff members, tour the facility and watch each individual doing his or her job with pride and a keen sense of responsibility. And after your stay here at Channel Islands is complete, you will continue to feel that same professionalism and camaraderie through the support of our Alumni Club. That is the essence of Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center. When you come here for healing, we take it personally. And we work every day to never let you down.

Meet the Channel Islands Rehab Team

Dr. Alison Hopkins
Dr. Allison Hopkins Ph.D

Founder & Clinical Director

Dr Allison Hopkins is the Founder and Clinical Director of Channel Islands Rehab. Dr Allison has been in the Human Services field for more than 24 years. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Southern Methodist University, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Amber University and her Doctoral degree in Human Services from Capella University.

Dr Hopkins has dedicated her entire professional career to working with high needs populations, such as domestic violence, children of alcoholics/addicts, street homeless and shelter homeless and in adolescent and adult addiction treatment.

Dr Hopkins is originally from Dallas, Texas and loves the Dallas Cowboys. She enjoys cooking, reading, exercise and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Geoffrey Booth, MD

Medical Director

Geoffrey Booth, MD, the founder of LifeSync Malibu, is one of the most sought-after addiction medicine physicians in Malibu, California, and the greater Los Angeles area. He has extensive experience providing expert medical detoxification for clients with complex substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders.

“It is a courageous and monumental decision to leave the drink or drug you’ve known for so long and to reach out for a chance at freedom and a new life,” says Dr. Booth. “We provide the love, hope, and professional care clients need to safely start this magical journey.”

Dr. Booth earned his Bachelor of Arts in psychology at California State University in Los Angeles. After graduating, he attended New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York, then completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at Olive View – University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center. He is board certified in addiction medicine and internal medicine.

After completing his residency, Dr. Booth went into private practice, where he garnered a statewide and nationwide referral base for patients suffering from difficult-to-treat diagnoses. He then dedicated several years to providing medical services to the poor and uninsured. During this time, he was the Chief Medical Officer at three large, urban Federally Qualified Health Centers. His responsibilities included overseeing dozens of health care providers and supervising the alcohol and drug and behavioral health departments.

Over the years, Dr. Booth has successfully treated thousands of patients who were addicted to drugs and alcohol. He continues to dedicate his time to providing medical care and detoxification to clients suffering from substance abuse, where he’s committed to helping them establish a strong foundation to support long-term sobriety.

When he’s not working, Dr. Booth has a rich personal life filled with activities and surrounded by friends and family. You can often find him running through Palisades Park or cycling along the bike path through Santa Monica, California. He loves his family and spends a lot of time with his son, playing games and teaching him sports.

Dan Woolever
Dan Woolever

Business Development Director

Dan Woolever has been working in alcohol and drug rehab for the past 6 years. Dan has had various jobs in treatment such as tech, house manager, case manager, admissions representative, admissions director and director of marketing.

Dan is passionate about helping families and loved ones start their own road to recovery. Dan has completed his addiction studies training, and has been trained in Arise interventionist training. Dan’s personal experience in recovery helps Dan connect with families and loved ones looking for help.

Dan enjoys playing travel clean and sober softball, working on his personal recovery, and riding dirt bikes with his friends.

Susan Abdel-Haq - LMFT
Susan Abdel-Haq


My name is Susan Abdelhaq and I am an LMFT who has had several years working in the field of addiction and mental health. This has ranged from working in a school setting to different types of treatment centers. Over the years, I have gained an understanding of the different ways to treat substance use disorders and/or co-occurring disorders along with valuable experience treating Clients with mild to severe mental health concerns such as anxiety, ADHD, issues of incarceration, school problems, depression, trauma, psychosis, etc. Most importantly, I have been able to see the complexities of how these presenting issues play a part in addictive behaviors. I want to help others because I understand the shame and stigma that individuals carry about their struggle. I think it is important that individuals have spaces that allow them to feel safe and heard. It is one of my biggest values that individuals feel supported and validated especially through their healing process and while they seek treatment. I want to be able to use the educational, professional and personal knowledge that I have acquired to make a change by applying approaches such as CBT/DBT, exploring your unconscious desires and beliefs, mindfulness practices, and even creative modalities such as art therapy. I would also like to shed light on how issues such as racism, hate crime, acculturation, or just feeling misunderstood and different can impact many communities. I most importantly want to serve others by applying my client-centered approach to serve the needs of others in an empathic and non-judgmental way.

Phoenix Frances - Chef
Phoenix Frances


Like so many people, my life has been rocked by addiction. Both my own as well as the addictions of my loved ones. That is why I am so honored to be a part of the team here at Channel Islands Rehab! Here I am able to offer a little bit of comfort, through my cooking, to these brave individuals as they fight what is likely the most difficult and uncomfortable battles of their lives. It is incredibly fulfilling for me when i am able to evoke emotions like joy and happiness in an individual just by serving a plate of food. I pour so much love into each and every meal I prepare, and I can’t help but feel like our clients not only feel that love, but they benefit from it as well.

Beth Michel - Counselor
Beth Michel


My name is Beth Michel. I am an addict in recovery. I have seen and experienced the horrors of addiction. I understand what it is to be broken and unsure of anything. Because of my experience I want to assist people in making that important, and often hardest decision to change their lives. I studied at Oxnard College in the Addictive Disorder Studies Program to get my certificate in Substance Use Disorders. I have a passion to help other addicts achieve freedom of active addiction. I am continuing my education to obtain the Counselor II certificate, Criminal Justice Certificate, and my degree. I have experience working in treatment and this has provided me the opportunity to work hands on with people from the first day they walk into detox, most of the time hopeless and fearful of the unknown , all the way through the end of their stay, when the hope is restored and they are ready to start the next step of their recovery.

Alejandra Korales - Counselor
Alejandra Karalis


My name is Alejandra Karalis. I am currently attending school at Oxnard College, pursuing a degree in Addictive Disorders Studies. I have worked in treatment for over a year and have found it to be deeply rewarding and spiritually fulfilling. I am enthusiastic about helping people with substance use disorders because I, myself, am an addict in recovery. I remember what it was like to go to treatment, it was scary to take that leap of faith. My counselors made a huge impact on my life and my recovery. I hope to be able to do that for the next suffering addict who walks through the door.

Greg Martinez - Counselor
Greg Martinez


My name is Greg Martinez, and I am a counselor here at Channel Islands Rehab. I took a very long and chaotic journey to be here today. I used drugs in one form or another for 28 years of my life. I was living my life on the installment plan, in and out of jail, prisons and the hell I lived in every day consumed by the chaos and hopelessness of my addiction. I was sitting in a prison cell when I read a letter from my son telling me he hated me, that he would be the man I wasn’t and the father I wasn’t, he would just do the opposite of every choice I ever made. That day I decided to do just that. I began to do the opposite of what I instinctually thought was right. And day by day things started to change in my life. It wasn’t a fast trip, with instant results. But every day I made choices that helped me recover. I didn’t destroy my life over night, how could I expect to repair it overnight. I went back to school, I learned about myself and the disease of addiction, and now I work everyday to help someone, anyone who may think there is no way out. If I can help one person find the happiness they are looking for, then I think I am one step closer to being the man I was meant to be.

Litos Mallare M.D


Specialize in all psychiatric issues and disorders in a multidisciplinary setting. Our goal is the complete well-being of each and everyone of our clients.

Melissa Sherrill RMA

Registered Medical Assistant

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Aaron Phillips

Client Advocate

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Carrie Short


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Celeste Mendelsohn

Yoga Therapist

Bio coming soon.

Don Newman

Paddle Board Therapist

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