November 2023 Newsletter - Happy Thanksgiving
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November 2023 Newsletter

A Time to be Thankful

Gratitude is being thankful, and gratitude is the heart of November.

Seven Days of Inspiration

Day 1- Wishes set wonders in motion. Make one!
Day 2- You’re beautiful just the way you are
Day 3- Think highly of yourself. Other people do
Day 4- Blessings multiple when you start taking inventory
Day 5- You’re someone who makes good things happen
Day 6- A fresh start can start anytime
Day 7- Remarkable-it’s what you are

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Feeling the Holiday Stress? Try These Coping Strategies

As the holidays approach, you might find yourself filled with anticipation, excitement, and perhaps a touch of anxiety. Stress during this season is quite common, with almost one in three Americans expecting increased stress compared to the previous year, as revealed by a recent APA poll.

Holiday-related stressors often include navigating family dynamics, managing shopping, travel expenses, hosting gatherings, and balancing a full calendar of events. Unrealistic expectations can pile on the pressure, while feelings of loneliness and grief may intensify during this time.

In light of these challenges, consider these coping strategies to support your mental well-being throughout the holiday season.

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Incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation

Discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for your mental well-being, especially when your routine is disrupted during travels or holiday events. If you’re new to these practices, explore online resources and apps tailored to your specific needs. Find the one that resonates with you.

Prioritizing Joy and Well-Being

The holiday season can bring immense joy, yet it often adds stress and conflicting commitments. Simplify your approach by focusing on what truly brings happiness and emotional fulfillment, whether it’s cherished people or activities. Don’t hesitate to say no to stressful situations, whether it’s a gathering with people who cause you anxiety or missing a party during a hectic workweek.

Managing Family Tensions

In most families, there’s that one member who can turn a friendly chat into a heated dispute. When you sense things taking a negative turn, avoid escalation. There’s no shame in excusing yourself from the situation. Simply step out of the room or take a break outdoors until tensions cool off.

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Embrace Nature for Mental Wellness

Winter’s limited sunlight and indoor confinement can sometimes lead to feelings of depression. The great outdoors and exercise provide powerful tools to counteract this. Studies show that spending time in nature and engaging in physical activity can reduce stress, improve focus, reduce inflammation, and boost mental energy. So, lace up your sneakers, head outside, and elevate your spirits and well-being.

Stay Consistent with Therapy

In the midst of holiday busyness, prioritize your regular therapy sessions. The season may stir up challenging emotions, making therapy crucial for exploring and coping. If you’re traveling, inquire about virtual sessions with your therapist.

Coping with Grief and Loss

The holidays can intensify feelings of loss and grief. For those missing loved ones, consider honoring their memory by sharing stories and treasuring their life experiences with friends and family, especially those that illuminate their unique qualities.

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Financial Well-Being

Holiday expenses can pile up, leading to financial strain, especially with the current inflation. To alleviate stress, aim to stay within your budget and prioritize meaningful connections. Show affection through presence, engagement, and support. Think about alternative gift-giving approaches, like Secret Santa or heartfelt, homemade items that convey your sentiments without breaking the bank.