Dual Diagnosis Ventura County

Dual Diagnosis

Drug and alcohol abuse are often symptoms of other underlying factors. At Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center, we have leading addiction specialists on our staff who effectively treat dual, or co-occurring, disorders. We realize that a dual diagnosis experience can be crippling in so many ways. You are not only suffering the pains of your substance addiction, but also from the psychiatric illness that is helping to fuel it. Whether that other indicator is depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety, social phobia, post traumatic stress disorder, or any other debilitating stressor, this can affect you physically and psychologically, socially and even spiritually. Quite simply, it becomes extremely difficult to function.

Confidence for Complex Conditions

Treating co-disorders can be tricky because these are often very complex situations. So it requires the skill, compassion and knowledge of an experienced professional to generate positive, long-lasting outcomes. Our experienced team of doctors, psychologists, therapists, counselors and life trainers work to give you the best chance for recovery, so that you can live a happy, fulfilling life.

We begin the process of healing, the moment you walk in the doors of our personalized boutique facility, located a block from the scenic and serene Pacific Ocean. Our extensive intake process enables us to gather all pertinent information in a compassionate, welcoming manner. This allows us to quickly set up your team and put the treatment in motion.

The Call to Action

Your primary therapist will act as your main facilitator and source for guidance and support. He or she will formulate a detailed assessment that includes your history, your own comments, and reports or information from other professionals who have treated you, as well as from family members, if you so choose. Once we have stabilized your symptoms, we will gather together our clinical team assigned to your recovery and continue collaborative efforts that provide the most appropriate and efficient methods of treatment. Throughout the process, we will counsel you, work to keep you comfortable and provide reassurance and unwavering support.

Our clinical team is adept at uncoupling the dual disorders and their accompanying overlap. This way, they can target the treatments more effectively. In the meantime, you will be detoxifying and stabilizing. Once you have reached that turning point, we can more accurately access the underlying conditions because your symptoms will take on a purer form with sobriety.

A Complete Team Effort

You can be sure that you are getting the best care possible from our expert team. This includes not only those counseling you and treating your addiction, but also our entire support staff. You can look forward to delicious nutritionally-balanced, chef-prepared meals, a clean and comfortable room with sounds of the ocean and a wide variety of activities to stimulate your mind and strengthen your body. Many of these activities are therapy-based and include such pleasant pastimes as music, art, yoga, horseback riding, hiking and more.

Dual diagnosis can be extremely challenging, but it certainly is not insurmountable. At Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center, we have the team, the tools and the facility in place to help you toward life-long recovery. We encourage you to put your trust in our understanding, compassionate professionals and to focus on a better, more complete you.