Drug Rehab Ventura County

Drug Rehab Oxnard & Ventura CA

Making the decision to overcome your addiction to drugs is the first vital step toward actually achieving that goal. But it is just the beginning…you will need strong, professional help along the way. Rather than trying to navigate this challenging journey alone, you will improve your chances dramatically if you rely on an experienced and caring team of experts to guide you and help reinforce your efforts.

Not all treatment facilities are alike, however. So it’s important to find one that treats you like an individual, not a number. A place that combines a pleasant, calming environment and a staff that is both professional and compassionate. Channel Islands Drug Rehab Treatment Center Ventura CA blends all of these elements together in a Total Immersion Method, to give you your best chance for long-lasting success.

A Different Kind of Feeling and Healing

Here, you are able to separate yourself from the influences that have led you to addiction, and replace that atmosphere with an immersive ring of support. Located in a scenic setting, just one block from beautiful Silver Strand beach, with views of the harbor, Channel Islands Drug Rehab Center Oxnard CA serves as a welcoming retreat from the stresses of everyday life. You can look forward to a safe space where you are able to direct your entire focus on becoming well again.

Designing Your Individualized Plan

Once we have evaluated your condition and discussed your history with you and any previous professionals who have treated you, we will formulate an individual plan… specific to you…and we will assemble your personal team for the journey ahead. Our goal during this early period is to safely separate you from your drug of choice, through the detox process. With the help of our medical professionals, you will be surprised how effectively we can minimize and manage the withdrawal symptoms and side-effects, while maintaining a high comfort level for you.

After detoxing, our dedicated and compassionate team will help you create a foundation in your life for lasting sobriety and recovery. You will begin to feel new purpose and understand that there are people rooting for you and wanting to help you to be successful.

At this point, you will really begin to appreciate our Total Immersion Method, which provides you with a wide range of therapies, support, delicious nutritionally-balanced meals and numerous activities to stimulate your mind and strengthen your body and resolve. During your time in drug rehab Oxnard & Ventura California, you will be able to enjoy such things as art and music, paddle boarding, hiking, yoga, self-hypnosis and more. One of the keys to remaining clean from drugs is to develop a variety of interests, establish goals and look ahead to the future with positivity. We help you to achieve these benchmarks on your way to recovery.

Support Today, Tomorrow and Always

Your time here at Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center is not just a quick visit, and then you’re forgotten. It’s an ongoing commitment from you and us. Our Alumni Club feature is an ongoing program of aftercare, in which we welcome you back on a regular basis for follow-up meetings with our professional team, as well as your peers who are also on a similar recovery course. During those times, you’re invited to share your positive feelings and hopes for the future or to ask questions about your healing process.

That sense of Total Immersion never leaves you, once you have spent time with us here at Channel Islands rehab center in Ventura CA. You will always remain part of our family, deserving of our full support and guidance. We are committed to making sure you succeed at this new, inspiring phase in your life.