Alcohol Rehab Ventura County

Alcohol Rehab Ventura & Oxnard California

Many people drink alcohol, and some occasionally misuse it and overindulge. This might occur once a year – on New Year’s Eve, a birthday, a wedding or after a breakup. But if your drinking is causing issues either for yourself or others, on a regular basis, it is time to look inward and admit to yourself that you could have a problem. If those around you – your friends, your family – suggest that you slow down your drinking, you probably need help.

Make an Honest Assessment

If you’re even slightly concerned, then here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my drinking negatively affect my everyday life?
  • Have I called in “sick” to work, or has my work suffered, because of my drinking or a hangover?
  • Have I missed appointments or planned events because I was too drunk to attend?
  • Have I gotten into fights or been asked to leave certain places, due to my drinking?
  • Have I had problems with my spouse or a significant other because of my alcohol use?
  • Have I tried to limit my drinking, but found it too difficult to do?

Be honest. If you answered “yes” at any time, treatment for alcohol abuse could be very helpful for you. Alcoholism can sometimes be difficult to admit…not only for you, but for your loved ones as well. Occasionally, you may not realize that you have a problem, but usually those who abuse alcohol do not acknowledge it because they are in denial.

Give Yourself Permission

Whatever those in your circle – a boss, a friend, a parent or spouse – might think about your drinking habits, they can’t force you to seek help. You have to do it of your own volition. It is you who must want to take that first important step of admitting your problem and seeking professional treatment. You must want it for yourself and realize that you deserve to have a better life, free of alcohol’s tenacious grip.

Turn to a New Friend

Once you decide that you are ready to turn your life around, remember that this is not a journey that you should ever travel alone. You need an advocate, a champion, a ring of support that will help carry you to the finish line. The caring professionals of Channel Islands Alcohol Rehab Oxnard CA are all of those things, and more. Our lovely seaside facility, just one block from Silver Strand Beach, offers a tranquil view of the harbor. More important, it offers a wide range of evidence-based treatments that form our Total Immersion Method.

Treating Your Whole Person

Because alcohol withdrawal can lead to serious consequences if not done properly, we surround you with knowledgeable, caring experts throughout your treatment program. A licensed M.D. supervises your Detox process, and our nurses, therapists and counselors offer assistance and support at all the right times and places. As a result, our detox programs greatly minimize side effects and symptoms, while keeping you surprisingly comfortable. And of course, your safety is always our number one priority.

In order to build the right customized treatment plan for you, your assigned team will evaluate your specific circumstances. In every case, Our Ventura alcohol rehab will treat you as a whole person and the unique individual you are, rather than as a statistic or a symptom. The evidence-based therapies that we select for you will help you to recognize the underlying issues that have caused you to abuse alcohol. These are treatments with impressive track records for success, designed to help you understand your actions, the reasons for them and the most effective road to recovery.

Interspersed between your therapy sessions, you will be able to pursue enjoyable activities that nourish your body and your soul. From art and music, to paddle boarding, hiking, yoga and more, you will be able to re-connect with yourself and begin developing a healthier, more contented person within.

Support That Never Wavers

We applaud you for facing your alcohol problem and for having the courage to seek change in your life. Our entire team here at Channel Islands Alcohol Rehab Oxnard truly is totally “immersed” in your care and recovery. And during your stay here, as your health improves, we will help you plan your future life outside of the facility and continue to provide you with unending support. This will enable you to stand on your own, without the need for alcohol, and reach for that greatness that is within all of us.