At Channel Islands Rehab, we take a unique approach to addiction treatment in Ventura, having designed an evidence-based protocol for recovery we call the Total Immersion Method. What separates our program from others is our focus on the whole person rather than addressing the addiction alone. Total Immersion is designed to enhance your experience in rehab and help you fully recover from addiction while you build a new life and future where there’s no room for drugs or alcohol. Even the best intensive outpatient program cannot offer you what our Total Immersion Method can provide.

5 Benefits Of Our Approach To Addiction Treatment

1. Total Immersion involves Humanistic Therapy, which makes our program more tailored to your circumstances. We respect the value of the individual, treating the whole person rather than addressing only the addiction. Humanistic Therapy at Channel Islands Rehab ensures your needs are fully met in recovery so that you’ll be less likely to relapse after completing our program. When you leave our program, we’ll make IOP addiction treatment available to you to keep you on target for long-term recovery.

2. We’ve seen first hand the results of revolving-door rehab programs and are committed to preventing patients from going through treatment a second time, at all costs. To that end, we’ve designed a program that will fully immerse you in treatment and help you feel loved and cared for in rehab rather than feeling like a number or a means to fill a bed. Intensive drug and alcohol treatment has a lasting effect on our patients at CIR.

3. Our goal at Channel Islands Recovery is to help patients recover fully from addiction. We offer Dual Diagnosis treatment as the best way to help patients identify any undiagnosed mental health disorders that have hindered progress in rehab in the past. If you or a family member has a history of rehab and relapse, Dual Diagnosis treatment can help you succeed in recovery. Learn more about intensive drug and alcohol treatment on our website.

4. Addiction rehabilitation programs like the one we offer can help you stay engaged in rehab. If you’re concerned about being bored during recovery, consider what we have to offer you:

  • A unique family program
  • A detailed aftercare plan
  • Specialized individual treatment plans
  • Evidence-based modalities
  • MAT detox and treatment
  • Scientific neurobiology
  • Humanistic therapies

5. Our clinical philosophy revolves around you. Our Total Immersion Method strengthens the longer you remain in our program and is based on recent innovative advances in treatment. You’ll receive the support and structure you need while you remain surrounded by a team of caring individuals who make your recovery goal their goal, as well.

Outpatient treatment for substance abuse is not always the best approach to lasting recovery, even though it may seem like the most convenient at the time. A severe addiction to drugs or alcohol requires serious rehab. At Channel Islands Rehab we believe we offer the best addiction treatment in Ventura. Contact our staff at 800-675-7963 for more information about our program.