Channel Islands Rehab is a safe place to undergo alcohol detox in Ventura. Even the best intensive outpatient program cannot compare with the care you will receive in our inpatient rehab, which is why we highly recommend our residential recovery program. For severe alcohol addiction, it’s necessary to remove negative environmental factors from the equation so you can start the process of healing without worrying about relapse. If you’re trying to decide between inpatient and IOP addiction treatment, take the advice of recovery experts and contact Channel Islands Rehab to learn about our Total Immersion Program.

7 Compelling Reasons To Detox With Us

1. Our medical staff can keep you comfortable during alcohol detox in Ventura to avoid painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that could lead to an early relapse before treatment has barely begun. Intensive drug and alcohol treatment doesn’t have to be scary when you choose a rehab that offers MAT treatment.

2. If your electronic devices do not interrupt the progress of your recovery, you’ll be allowed limited use of your smartphone and laptop, so you can stay up-to-date with current events and keep in touch with loved ones.

3. Channel Islands Rehab utilizes evidence-based modalities to treat addiction- programs and therapies that have proven their worth to the recovery industry. Humanistic therapies, scientific neurobiology, and specialized individualized treatment plans make up your tailored recovery plan.

4. Because alcohol addiction is often the only a symptom of something deeper going on, patients at Channel Islands Rehab receive humanistic and holistic therapy that treats the whole person- not just the addiction. Total Immersion Treatment focuses on healing the body, mind, and soul.

5. Between therapy and counseling sessions, you’ll have many opportunities to pursue activities you may find to be more than simple distractions from rehab. Don’t be surprised if you discover a talent for art, music, yoga, paddle boarding, tennis, or another outdoor activity you’ve never tried in the past. Adventure therapy can take your mind off of your current situation but it can also turn into a new hobby outside of treatment.

6. Addiction rehabilitation programs vary widely in how they treat addiction. Not all programs succeed, especially new protocols that haven’t stood the test of time. Our Total Immersion Program at Channel Islands Rehab was designed to revolve around you, providing the support you need at every moment of your recovery.

7. Outpatient treatment for substance abuse is better suited as a transitional program when stepping down from inpatient treatment. If you’re worried about a relapse or concerned that your time in recovery will be wasted time, consider choosing Channel Island Rehab for alcohol detox in Ventura.

Verify your insurance benefits over the phone when you call our rehab at 800-675-7963. Get help for yourself or a loved one while there’s still time to make changes in your lifestyle. To learn more about The Channel Islands’ Total Immersion Method for treating addiction, explore the resources on our website or contact our admissions team today.

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