If you do not want to leave home for addiction treatment, you can always attend outpatient rehab in Ventura. Channel Islands Rehab offers the best outpatient addiction treatment programs with an excellent clinical team at affordable prices. To choose the best outpatient rehab for your needs, consider:

  • The Treatments And Therapies Available

Research the treatments and therapies available at an addiction treatment center before joining them. Some people respond better to evidence-based therapies, while few others require a more nature-friendly approach. Joining a treatment center that offers a mix of both treatments can help you garner the best outcome in recovery.

As a leading rehab facility for IOP addiction treatment, we use a combination of science-based and holistic therapies to help our clients embrace sobriety and find relief from their mental health disorders. The support you receive as a part of your intensive drug and alcohol treatment program plays a critical role in helping you get sober and equipping you with essential skills for lasting success with sobriety.

  • In-Network Rehab Center

Look for an in-network treatment center to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Joining an in-network rehab can reduce your financial and psychological stress, allowing you to place your undivided focus on recovery.

  • Customized Recovery Approach

You want to join a rehab facility that takes the effort to understand each patient’s needs and recovery goals. No two addiction cases are ever the same. You need to join a rehab center that creates a tailored treatment plan after a thorough clinical assessment of your physical and mental health and addiction history.

Stay away from rehab centers that follow a cookie-cutter treatment approach. A one-size-fits-all plan may never help you achieve sustainable sobriety and can be a complete waste of your time and money.

  • Focus On The Root Cause Of Addiction

Addiction is often the result of underlying mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, schizophrenia, etc. It is pivotal that you receive treatment for your mental health issues alongside addiction for comprehensive recovery from your behavioral and mental health issues. Not receiving support or care for your mental disorder can cause you to relapse within a couple of months after outpatient treatment for substance abuse.

Make sure to join a rehab that specializes in treating dual diagnosis disorders. Our outpatient rehab facilities offer the best addiction rehabilitation programs that guarantee comprehensive recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders.

  • Accredited Clinical Team

Look for rehabs with the best clinical staff. The physicians, therapists, RNs, and psychiatrists working at a rehab facility play a significant role in your recovery journey. Joining the best intensive outpatient program may not yield the best outcome in recovery if you do not receive guidance and support from a skilled and experienced medical team.

Contact 800-675-7963 to sign up for treatment at our outpatient rehab in Ventura. Channel Islands Rehab offers unsurpassed addiction treatment for those battling alcoholism, drug abuse, and dual diagnosis disorders and helps individuals embrace a safe and speedy recovery. Call today, make an appointment for clinical assessment, and prepare for your recovery journey!

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