Channel Islands Rehab is a pioneer alcohol outpatient Ventura rehab with the best addiction therapies and holistic treatments. We offer highly effective inpatient, outpatient, and medical detox treatments at affordable prices and help patients overcome their problems in a supportive and conducive environment.

Outpatient Vs. Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Abuse

Outpatient treatment refers to attending addiction treatment on an outpatient basis, allowing you to stay at home during recovery. It engages you in 1-2 hours of therapy, 5-6 days a week. The outpatient program offers more flexibility and helps you keep your addiction treatment process discreet. It’s also much cheaper than other types of addiction treatment.

Inpatient or residential treatment refers to receiving addiction care and support while staying at a safe, secure, and fully-equipped rehab center. It offers the highest level of care and structure. An inpatient program is ideal for individuals suffering from moderate to severe addiction disorder and can provide a more immersive healing experience. However, the inpatient program is costlier and requires you to take time off from work/school/personal commitments for 30 days or more.

Both programs help you get sober and equip you with essential skills for lasting success with sobriety. Speak to a treatment provider to learn about the severity of your substance abuse and choose an appropriate addiction recovery program.

Components Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is similar to inpatient treatment. However, it does not include medical detox. While the components of outpatient addiction treatment can vary from one facility to another, some of the modules include:

  • Counseling – Counselling refers to receiving personalized advice and suggestions from a licensed therapist to help you overcome your behavioral and mental health challenges. Counseling may help you adopt healthier lifestyle changes and lead a fulfilling and gratifying life.
  • Individual Therapy – Individual therapy engages you in 1-on-1 private sessions with a licensed therapist who will use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive therapy, etc., to help you achieve your recovery goals.
  • Group Therapy – Group therapy engages you in discussions and several activities with fellow recovering addicts that help improve your interpersonal and communication skills.

As a leading rehab with the best intensive outpatient program, we also conduct moderate support group meetings to help our clients feel a sense of community and have a non-judgemental platform to share their recovery journey with fellow recovering addicts.

How Do I Pay For Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Do not let the cost of addiction treatment stop you from seeking the help you need to get better. You must see the money spent on professional substance abuse treatment as an investment in yourself and your future. Private insurance plans cover a part of addiction rehabilitation programs, if not entirely. Insurance carriers like BCBS, Aetna, United Healthcare, etc., cover a portion of outpatient treatment for substance abuse.

Alternatively, you can use Medicare or Medicaid to pay for IOP addiction treatment. These State and Federal government-funded aids help people from specific segments of the population receive addiction care and support. ACA-sponsored plans also cover up to 90% of residential, outpatient, and intensive drug and alcohol treatment, depending on your type of plan.

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