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November 2022 Newsletter

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Outsmart your Fall energy slump

As Fall gets into full swing, fewer daylight hours combined with a packed calendar leave more than 1/3 of us feeling sluggish. The great news: the proven tips that follow will help you sail through autumn with ease!

Washing machine

Prevent early morning grogginess:

Sleeping on a pillow packed with dust mites can trigger next morning fatigue for 90% of us. That’s especially true in the fall, when we spend an average of 53 extra minutes tonight snuggled up in bed with the microscopic pests. The fix: toss your pillows in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes Australian scientist say doing this kills 100% of mites.

Block mid-morning energy slumps:

If your energy dips before lunchtime, snack on a handful of pomegranate seeds and walnuts as a midmorning snack. The combo spurs the release of urolithin A, a compound that fuels the Mitochondria, or energy centers, in cells. The payoff: University of Washington research shows your boost physical endurance and mental pep by 42%. Other energizing picks: blackberries, strawberries, pecans and pistachios.

Autumn leaves

Nix midday fatigue:

Australian scientist say spending just 40 seconds in nature (try leaf peeping) recharge is a drained internal battery. And university of Rochester research shows seeing expanses of red and orange significantly improves alertness. Tip: reach down to pick up three colorful leaves. This type of movement stretches the soleus muscles in the legs that regulate blood flow throughout the body waking up tired muscles.

Dodge after dinner sleepiness:

Feel drowsy after supper even though it’s too early for bed? Wonder through the neighborhood, and you’ll feel more alert in as little as 10 minutes, suggests university of Georgia research. Light movement boost circulation, reducing fatigue by 65%.

Ann Green | Woman’s World Nov 7, 2022

Quick Tip to Beat Brain Fog

For a quick mental boost, slice of lemon in half and take a deep, slow whiff. Japanese researchers found that folks who smelled the brain energizing scent of citrus experienced a boost and mental energy that’s so potent, they made up to 54% fewer errors on whatever task was at hand.

Woman’s World, Nov 7, 2022

Little Joys that Boost your Health

Lessen stress- by relaxing outdoors

The cooler weather makes it an ideal time to lounge in your backyard or meander through a leafy park. And when you do, you’ll be chasing away your worries. The University of Michigan scientist, who found being close to nature for 10 minutes, lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 21%. Experts explain that exposure to trees, grass, ocean and other natural elements, activates the bodies relaxation triggered parasympathetic system for increased calm.

Feeling tense?

Take a few slow deep whiffs of a spiced apple candle. Yale scientist say the warm, comforting aroma of spiced apple tamps down stress and just 60 seconds by triggering the production of calming alpha brain waves.

Blueberry pancakes

Boost your mood with Pancakes

Savoring a round meal like pumpkin pancakes or chicken pot pie lifts your spirits with every bite. Turns out that round foods taste better than angular ones, spring up to 70% more happiness when you eat them, a new study in Psychology and marketing found. Your brain associates roundness with a pleasing experience, so you perceive round foods as more satisfying.

Boost your Mood with Crocheting or Knitting

Australian researchers say needle crafts spark happiness by channeling your inner artist and giving you an uplifting sense of accomplishment.

Soothe Discomfort with a Nostalgic Movie like You’ve Got Mail…

A study in the journal of Neuroscience found that nostalgic entertainment, like re-watching a favorite fall flick, reduces activity in brain areas that process pain, providing speedy relief from all over aches.

Cheering on your favorite team with friends eases pain

University of oxford scientist suspect bonding with loved ones releases natural pain killing compounds called beta endorphins, making you less sensitive to discomfort.

Woman’s World, Nov 17, 2022