October 2022 Newsletter
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October 2022 Newsletter

Yes! We're Open!

The Channel Islands Rehab office in Ventura is OPEN.

Stop by, say hello, and have a look around!

The fall season brings holidays, family, friends, warmth and optimism.

This holiday, which encourages you to do something you’ve always wanted, its the perfect opportunity to go for your goals. The secret to achieving them with less stress? Believing you can do it, says researchers in the journal Emotion. When students were asked, both two weeks and the day before an upcoming exam about their anticipated grade and emotions, those who showcased greater optimism over that time    frame were more prepared and got a higher grade than those who had lower expectations. The researchers suggest that optimism not only motivates but improves the quality of the experiences, minimizing stress and boosting happiness as a result. That means more time to kick back, relax and reflect on your success! 

– Woman’s World, Oct 2022

Healthy Boundary Setting

Communicate with Confidence

Lead with Honesty

“My favorite way to express a boundary is simply by saying, I’m noticing that…”  reveals expert Nedra Glover Tawwab.  “You might say, ‘I am noticing I need more time for myself, or I am noticing that when I always say yes, I have no energy for myself.’” This simple phrase works so well because it doesn’t make it about the other person. “You’re revealing your needs and inviting people who care about you to help you honor them.”

Boundary buddy

Call on a boundary buddy

It’s so helpful to have a boundary accountability partner, says Glover Tawwab. Just let them know your goals, like, from now on, “I’m going to say no to X draining tasks,” and ask them to nudge you back on course if they see you “boundary backsliding.” The limits were set for ourselves or about relationships, so it makes sense that it takes a village to help us maintain them.

Keep faith in yourself

In the end, even the strongest boundaries can become “mushy” over time if we lose sight of our own self-worth, says Degges –White, acknowledging that staying the course can be challenging. “Keep coming back to your values like a touchstone by reminding yourself, I treat people with respect, and I expect the same from others, “she encourages. “The boundaries we Create for ourselves let us claim space in this world and reflect who we are at our core.”

– Woman’s World, Oct 2022

Increase Positivity and Optimism by putting together a positivity Tool Kit

Positivity tools

Whether you call it a victory file, a brag book, or a positivity portfolio, collecting photos, letters, Momentos, awards, certificates of achievement, and other items that serve as evidence of what brings you joy, inspiration, serenity, or help can be a wonderful gift to yourself. The goal is to create a fusion of personal artifacts, personalized triggers that revive your heart with positivity each time you engage with them, says Barbara Fredrickson. If you continue to add to your positivity file on a regular basis, your trove of feel good triggers will become deeper. Then, when you need a boost in mood or an extra dose of confidence, you can peruse the items in the file and ask yourself what you could do right now to re-create or cultivate the feeling you want to have. 

– Mind Health Report, April 2021