Happy Holidays from Channel Islands Rehab
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December 2022 Newsletter

Share your joy, share your light and share your love

Spread Holiday Joy

Today is the perfect day to decorate Your Christmas tree, if you haven’t already done so. Not only will be activity lift your spirits but your tree will bring joy to others who see it. Indeed, in a survey conducted by the British company safe style, 53% of women reported that seeing other peoples holiday decor puts a smile on their face. To ensure your trees sparkles joy all season: each time you water your tree at the base, spritz the branches too. The simple strategy, which we picked up from the pros at Christmas tree lots, mimics the moisture trees get for misty morning air and rain and allows the needles to absorb water directly, keeping them greener and more pliable longer!

Woman’s World, Dec 2022

Lift Your Spirits

Take one day at a time and reflect on each daily inspiration

Day 1-People look up to you and love you
Day 2– Every new day brings things to be thankful for
Day 3– A positive outlook = a positive outcome
Day 4– The most important time of life is always today
Day 5– You always have some thing going for you: YOU
Day 6– Hopes become dreams. Dreams become plans. Plans become realities!
Day 7– Light the way. Smile!

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A Moment for You

There’s so much to celebrate about you! It may be second nature to focus more on your “flaws” then on your fabulousness, but you’ve got more good qualities than anyone could ever count, and you mean so much to so many more than you realize. It’s time to realize who you are; someone truly special.

Woman’s World, Dec 2022

Best Practices for Reflecting on the Past Year

Smiling woman holding mug

As the year comes to a close, you might wonder, “How do I reflect on the past year?” Or maybe you are even questioning why it is important.

Reflecting on the past year is essential for several reasons.

These conscious reflections help us acknowledge the things we went through, recognize the lessons learned, and gather our thoughts and focus for the year ahead.

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Share Toiletries

Do you have small toiletries or extra lip balm to spare? If so, consider mailing them to Keystone military families. The nonprofit will include the items in the care packages they ship to troops stationed around the world. Mailed to Keystone military families, 331 Main St., PO Box 358, Shoemakersville, PA, 19555.