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May 2023 Newsletter

We ALL can find Good Mental Health

“Quit focusing on what’s going wrong in your world and focus on what’s going right in your world.”

– Dr. Allison
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A Moment for You

You’re so much more than you think you are!

You do more good than you realize. You’ve tapped more talents, honed more skills and developed more strength than you recognize. You’ve got more great qualities than anyone can count and more dreams to dream and more joys to live than you imagine!

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Box Breathing: Mental Health Benefits and Tips for Beginners

Box breathing is a relaxation technique that involves taking slow, deep breaths. This simple, four-step exercise can have a number of mental health benefits.

If you’ve ever taken a long, deep breath at the end of a stressful day, you probably know the calming effect it can have. Research shows the practice of controlled, deep breathing offers a number of positive effects on the body and mind. One such deep-breathing exercise is box breathing.

This simple, four-step technique not only helps you de-stress, but it may also be helpful in treating anxiety, depression, and even pain. READ MORE

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Alcohol Detox- Read All About It

Withdrawal symptoms are common for people with alcohol use disorder who stop drinking, but many respond well to treatment.

Alcohol withdrawal is a natural physical response your body goes through when trying to break an alcohol dependence.

If you live with alcohol use disorder (AUD) and want to take steps to stop heavy drinking or reduce your intake, you may be concerned about possible withdrawal symptoms and whether they may make it harder for you to reach your goal.

While it’s true that up to 50%Trusted Source of people with AUD experience withdrawal symptoms, only a small portion require medical treatment. READ MORE