Channel Islands Rehab - February 2023 Newsletter
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February 2023 Newsletter

We’re Turning 3!

On February 20th Channel Islands Rehab celebrates our 3 year anniversary.

It’s been wonderful to build amazing relationships and help so many people reach their goal of permanent recovery. We’re just getting started and we look forward to the future!

LOVE v. Co Dependent

Love v. Codependent

It’s common to want our romantic partners to feel loved and appreciated. When you’re in love, it’s natural to want to spend time with your partner and make sure you’re meeting their needs.

But when these ideas are taken to an extreme, it can be unhealthy for both of you. It might feel like a compulsion to prioritize your partner — or an addiction to love.

When you become codependent on a loved one, you might lose a sense of your own needs and emotions. In turn, your partner often begins to rely more heavily on you. READ MORE

Practice Mindfulness using STOP

The “STOP” acronym stands for stop, take a breath, observe, and proceed. This four-step technique can take a minute or less.

Practicing Mindfulness Using STOP

Mindfulness has a number of well-recorded benefits. There are many ways to practice mindfulness, the STOP technique being one popular method.

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, the STOP mindfulness technique might help you calm down quickly. You can use it to ground yourself in times of stress and overwhelm.

This simple method is ideal for anyone who wants to practice mindfulness, whether you’re new to mindfulness or a seasoned meditator. READ MORE