Rehab ventura County

Rehab Ventura County

Channel Islands Rehab, Ventura County, California

Starting Rehab in Ventura County

There are many trains of thought on whether it is better to go away or stay close to home. You will hear many reasons that going away is a great option and for some, that may be true. It takes you away from triggers and an unfamiliar area may keep you from leaving a facility to relapse. We have found this not to be the case with our Total Immersion method of treatment, being closer to your home and support system leads to a stronger path to lasting recovery.

Rehab Ventura CountyDrug and Alcohol Rehab is Easier In Channel Islands, Ventura County

Your addiction is a family disease and it has affected those around you especially the ones you love the most. There may have been years of harm and shame that need to be repaired. These same loved ones will also need help in understanding your disease, and helping you get back to the person they knew and loved before you got into the deadly grips of addiction. That is why we have a nationally recognized family and loved one’s program that helps put all of the pieces back together so that the healing process of not only yourself but of those around also begins. When you seek treatment closer to home your loved ones can attend our program and get the full benefits we have to offer as part of your Total Immersion Treatment.

Relapse Prevention

Your program will involve many activities that will slowly acclimate you back into being a productive member of society. This will include things such as going to the beach, bike tours, paddle boarding, movies, and other outings. We have found that when you do these in more familiar surroundings with the safety of your group when the time comes to be on your own, you will be more comfortable and be able to better navigate and resist triggers. Your treatment will include many sessions that help you be able to overcome past triggers and feelings that lead you to addiction. These therapeutic sessions are a cornerstone of our method and a pillar of your success. Only at Channel Islands Rehab in Ventura County.

Channel Islands Rehab is Always with You

One of the main benefits of seeking treatment with Channel Islands in Ventura County is that you will always be close to those that helped you most when you needed it. The staff at Channel Islands will always be here to help you if you need it. We also welcome you to return and share your success with current clients during our alumni nights. You will find them to be helpful, sometimes entertaining and inspiring. Knowing that you are not alone and that there are people just like you that have gone through the program successfully will give you the inspiration to continue and get back the life you deserve.

Once you have gone on to a healthy life you will feel the pull to share your story with those that need it most and your “home” at Channel Islands Rehab in Ventura County is just the place you know that your story will resonate the most.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Close to Home in Ventura County Makes Lasting Recovery Happen

Channel Islands Rehab in Ventura County has been helping those just like you overcome the deadly disease of addiction with our Total Immersion Treatment Method. Our caring compassionate staff, in-house medical staff, gourmet cuisine, and unparalleled evidence-based treatment will help get you the lasting recovery you deserve.