Rehab Treatment Center Oxnard

If you are looking for any old rehab treatment center in Oxnard, we are sorry to inform you that you have come to the wrong place. Channel Islands Rehab is anything but the ‘same old.’ For years, we have watched people recover and relapse, going in and out of the revolving door that sadly is traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs. If you are tired of going in and out of rehab and recovering just to relapse, then it is time for a better solution – a different solution – a real solution! Contact us today and see why Channel Islands Rehab is the best rehab treatment center in Oxnard:

Why Don’t Rehab Treatment Centers Help People Get Sober and Stay Sober?

Understandably, people who have gone through the revolving door of drug rehab centers and rehab programs, only to fail and relapse, again and again, are apprehensive about getting treatment from another rehab treatment center now. Many family members and parents of loved ones who have drug and alcohol addictions have spent small fortunes to get treatment for their family members, and they are also apprehensive about paying for addiction treatment again. When the treatment they have already paid for has been largely ineffective, paying for another round of rehab might not seem like an appealing idea!  

If you find yourself in these shoes, don’t close your mind to getting help from a rehab treatment center just yet. One of the biggest problems with many drug and alcohol treatment centers, and one of the reasons why they tend to have extraordinarily high relapse rates, is that they all use old, outdated treatment methods. Many rehab treatment centers in Oxnard are AA, 12 step, and Big Book purists, meaning that they are afraid to try any other type of treatment model for addiction. Yet, more than 100 years have passed since the Big Book was created and the first AA groups were formed. A lot has changed in that period, and there is new information, new hope, and new treatment available that really works. At Channel Islands Rehab, we use science-based treatment for measurable results. 

Many Rehab Treatment Centers in Ventura are Overcrowded and Underfunded

With a good heart and the right motives, many rehab centers will take in everyone off the streets because they feel it is their duty to help everyone who comes through their doors. This leads to often overcrowded rehab centers, with patients packed in together like sardines. Bugs, lice, scabies, and roaches are common in these facilities. When a rehab center is overcrowded, underfunded, and understaffed, it places more stress on the patients and the staff, and it has a counter-productive effect. At Channel Islands Rehab, our facilities are clean and serene, and we only accept patients who are serious about changing their lives and conquering their addictions. To receive treatment at the best rehab treatment center in Oxnard, contact Channel Islands Rehab today.