Group Therapy

Group Therapy

One of the key components of our multi-treatment Total Immersion Method is Group Therapy, which we conduct in a way that invites honest communication, social interaction and shared ideas. Our therapists provide a group experience that always feels safe and calm, leaving you and other participants with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Sharing Ideas and Experiences

At Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center, members of the Group learn to help one another in a sincere, caring manner. This ability to give something of value to another person lifts self-esteem and brings with it the joy of a shared experience. Group Therapy, as administered by our skilled therapists, also encourages you to take risks in your interpersonal behavior, which helps to build social skills and even friendships.

We are highly adept at creating a forum where you feel comfortable in sharing your thoughts and feelings. This enables everyone within the Group to realize they are not alone and that many people face the same fears and challenges.

A New Level of Self-Awareness

In these sessions, you become more self-aware through your group interactions and the feedback you receive from your peers. This newfound introspection is a valuable trait in the recovery process, as it enables you to see more clearly how your actions impact yourself and others. Gradually, it becomes easier to recognize the unconscious motivations behind your addictive behavior.

Channel Islands Group Therapy programs are fully integrated into our comprehensive treatment plans. They serve as yet one more supportive component along the road to long-lasting recovery. Like all of the programs that fall under the umbrella of our Total Immersion Method, the overriding aspect is care, compassion and understanding.