Drug Rehab

Every drug rehab can only be as good as its treatment options. That’s why Channel Islands Rehab has fast become regarded as one of the top rehabs for drug and alcohol abuse in California. We provide a variety of treatment options in a luxurious rehabilitation setting that, in many ways, resembles a five-star resort more than a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Forget everything you know about drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Channel Islands Rehab is different. This is just one reason why more people are choosing Channel Islands Rehab for treatment, but it is a significant one. Across the country and throughout California, drug rehabs are failing to help people recover without relapse.

The Need for a Different Kind of Rehab

Luxury rehab is often said to be an indulgence. Drug and alcohol rehabs nationwide, along with Alcoholics Anonymous groups, and other hard-liners vehemently oppose the idea of luxury rehab. “These have no place in recovery,” many would assert. However, evidence shows that for some, luxury is a necessity not an indulgence.

Luxury rehab is about healing, finding purpose, finding direction, and recovering. Rather than receive treatment in overcrowded, often underfunded, rehab facilities, you could recover in a luxurious setting that promotes wellness. The choice is yours.

Bringing You the Best in Drug Rehab

Many people who need to receive treatment for drug and alcohol addictions will not go to rehab due to the fear of interactions with others. Many people suffer from severe anxiety disorders, and the thought of being shut into tight quarters with others is very stressful for them. At Channel Islands Rehab, our patients are afforded a level of privacy that simply does not exist in traditional rehab settings. Further, our patients are allowed and encouraged to recover at their own pace. Our patients are not rushed from group to group, meeting to meeting.

Our laid back approach to recovery in a peaceful, tranquil setting is about giving people time to recover. Recovery involves relaxing, rejuvenating, and processing everything, which is easier for some people than others. When a person is in active addiction, they seldom – if ever – take any time to relax, breathe, and appreciate the simples thing in life. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and doing it right.

Get Help for Your Addiction at the Best Drug Rehab in California

If you or a loved one is battling addiction, it is a race against the clock! Addiction is a progressive disease that gets worse over time. As the AA saying goes, addiction always leads to “jails, institutions, and death.” The good news is that it doesn’t have to get that bad if you get help now. Don’t be like many people who waited until it was too late to realize that it was too late. If you are reading this now, there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and Channel Islands Rehab is here to help. Contact us today to speak with an addiction treatment specialist and receive the help you need.