Detox Oxnard

Channel Islands Rehab is one of the premier centers for drug and alcohol detox in Oxnard, and we offer the best addiction treatment at affordable prices. We use some of the most advanced psychotherapies in addiction treatment, such as Hemi-sync sound therapy, internal locus control, self-hypnosis, neurobiology techniques, etc.

What happens during a detox?

At our center for detox in Oxnard, we offer detox based on the substance abused, duration of abuse, method of drug ingestion, and the co-occurring mental disorders. During the detox process, a licensed physician will conduct a comprehensive examination of your physical and psychiatric health status and learn about your drug history before preparing a detox treatment plan. Based on your health condition, our physician will administer a series of drugs to remove the toxic remains from your body.

A detox procedure needs to take place in a fully-equipped treatment setting to be able to tackle medical emergencies and handle adverse withdrawal symptoms. At our treatment facility, we offer 24/7 medical care and ongoing support to all our detox patients. Patients recovering from severe levels of addiction often suffer from symptoms such as whole-body tremors, high blood pressure, deliriums, hallucinations, and self-harming behaviors. We closely monitor all our detox patients for a minimum of 8-10 days to ensure their safety.

Length of a detox program

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is a process where a physician attempts to cleanse your body from toxic remains to manage the withdrawal symptoms. With certain drugs, the detox process is a matter of days, and in certain dangerous drugs, it can take several months. While the alcohol and drugs leave the body within 1-2 weeks, detoxing from cravings can take several weeks of detox, psychotherapy, counseling, and medications.

The length of time for detox depends on factors such as the substance of abuse, the number of substances abused, dosage, frequency of abuse, and the presence of underlying mental health issues, etc. Several times, the period of detox also differs based on the age, gender, and medical history of a recovering addict. On average, detox programs take up to 7 days, after which we engage patients in a series of evidence-based modalities to help them recover entirely from cravings.

The time frame for detox from alcohol

Detox for patients suffering from severe addiction to alcohol can be dangerous and requires round the clock medical care and supervision. Recovering alcoholics experience withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, and shaking within 24-48 hours of detox. These symptoms begin to reach its peak within the next 3-5 days, and patients can experience hallucinations, high fever, and seizures in this time frame.

On the brighter side, at the end of the first week, the physical withdrawal symptoms begin to taper off. However, to overcome cravings and triggers, patients need to undergo behavioral therapies, counseling, and support group sessions for several weeks.

For more information on our medical detox in Oxnard, call Channel Islands Rehab today. We can help you to successfully overcome your addiction along with the co-occurring mental disorders and equip you with all the essential tools to lead a healthy drug-free life.