Detox Center

Channel Islands Rehab is a leading detox center in California with modern amenities, a highly skilled team of staff, and evidence-based modalities. We use therapies like biofeedback, CBT, humanistic therapies, DBT, and self-hypnosis to help patients overcome addiction.

How does medical detox help in recovery from addiction?

Medical detox is a cleansing procedure that a licensed physician performs in a fully-equipped treatment setting by using a series of drugs in specific dosages. Long term use of drugs can drastically compromise an individual’s chemical balance in the brain, proper functioning of the liver, lungs, stomach, pancreas, heart, and the nervous system. Medical detox helps repair and restore the efficient functioning of these organs by removing the toxic remains from your body.

Detox is crucial for recovery from severe levels of alcohol and drug addiction and helps deal with the withdrawal symptoms in a calm, composed, and pain-free manner. We are an affordable detox center in California with the most rewarding addiction treatment programs.

The time frame for detox from hallucinogens

Some of the most commonly abused hallucinogens include PCP, Lysergic acid, Magic mushrooms, Mescaline, Peyote, etc. The use of these drugs is not only illegal, but even a small amount of its use is a cause for serious concern. People start with a smaller dose of these drugs and continue to increase the dosage over time to achieve a high. When it comes to detox from hallucinogens, the withdrawal symptoms may differ based on the type of drug abused. However, general withdrawal symptoms after detox from hallucinogens include headaches, cravings, and profuse sweating, which do not last for more than two days.

After detox, few patients experience other withdrawal symptoms, all of them reaching their peak and eventually taper off within the 5-6 days of detox. In the first week following detox, recovering addicts may experience mood swings due to the changes in the brain’s dopamine reward system. These mood swings resolve on its own once the dopamine levels return to normal. PCP is one of those hallucinogens which can continue to produce drug cravings in individuals even after detox. We help patients overcome cravings with consistent counseling and psychotherapies.

Side effects of alcohol detox

While detox helps reduce the negative side effects in recovering addicts, some side-effects are unavoidable. In the acute phase of withdrawal from alcohol, patients experience anxiety, visual and auditory hallucinations, convulsions, body tremors, vomiting, and insomnia. These symptoms begin within a few hours from the last consumption of alcohol and can last for a few days to weeks.

In the post-acute withdrawal phase, patients experience restlessness, loss of appetite, mood swings, and depression as the brain slowly returns to its old chemical balance.

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