Alcohol Rehab California

Channel Islands Rehab is a dedicated professional alcohol rehab in California. We offer the most advanced and effective treatments for drinking problems to help the struggling individual stop compulsive alcohol seeking/use and live a healthy, sober life.

What should you expect from an alcohol rehab?

When joining an alcohol addiction treatment center, you should expect your life to change dramatically for the better with time. Knowing what happens in an alcohol rehab can reduce your worry or fear about the treatment process.

People avoid alcohol treatment for many reasons, but mostly it’s because they’re not sure of where that will take them. We believe that a treatment program will be successful if we motivate the person to complete the procedure. We do this by letting them know what entails each aspect of the treatment plan so that they can be ready for each step. The following are the most common elements of our treatment program:

  • Intake
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Alcohol detox
  • Drug testing procedures
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Marriage or family therapy
  • Alcohol education
  • Post-treatment preparation
  • Prescription medications
  • Complementary and alternative therapies, etc.

The goals of alcohol treatment

Addiction treatment helps individuals stop using alcohol, give them the tools to maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle, and achieve productivity in the family, work, and society. Alcohol addiction treatment goals are what the recovering individual works toward achieving.

We make these goals as specific and meaningful as possible to our clients for them to want to work hard toward achieving them. These goals include:

  • Address all aspects of addiction
  • Prevent relapse
  • Elimination of alcohol use disorder
  • Treat the underlying issues
  • Avoid engaging in crime, and dangerous or immoral behaviors
  • Mend or protect personal relationships
  • Overcome symptoms of anxiety, depression, aggression or confusion
  • Provide quality services and encourage practices that enhance improved individual health, and social function

The best alcohol rehabilitation center near you

If you are struggling with alcohol-related problems and need to overcome your situation, the first and essential step is choosing a professional, reliable alcohol rehab in California. An advanced well-organized rehab should be able to help you beat alcoholism within the shortest time possible.

With numerous rehab centers in California, it’s possible to find it tricky to identify the right facility for your specific needs. Fortunately, we’re the top-rated substance treatment center in California embodied by the below characteristics:

  • Reputation
  • High success rate
  • Treatment options
  • High-quality staff
  • Clean and comfortable accommodations
  • Privacy
  • Individualistic care
  • Aftercare planning, etc.

Choose the top alcohol rehab near you

Alcohol addiction can cause harmful consequences to the struggling individual as well as those around them. The good news is that we’ve got real recovery hope for anyone suffering from alcoholism.

It’s time to beat alcoholism and enjoy a productive sober life. Choose Channel Islands Rehab today to get the high-quality and effective treatments you cannot find any other alcohol rehab in California. Contact our rehab team now for more information and to schedule an appointment.