Alcohol Detox California

There’re different ways to beat alcohol addiction, and detoxification is the first and essential step for a successful recovery. If you want to overcome alcoholism painlessly and with relative ease, then Channel Islands Rehab is here to provide you with the most effective alcohol detox California has to offer.

What should you expect during alcohol detox?

For anyone struggling with alcohol use disorder, the prospect of going through detoxification can be daunting. Knowing in advance what to expect can help you prepare yourself and give you the best chance of a fruitful recovery. The process will generally begin with an assessment. A medical professional will ask several questions to learn about your addiction history, medical history, and the severity of your condition.

We’ll also screen you for co-occurring mental health disorders, nutritional deficiencies and infectious diseases, skin conditions, physical trauma, and more. Afterward, an addiction specialist will develop a unique plan that meets all your individual needs to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

If you choose the inpatient detox program, you’ll be assigned a room and receive around-the-clock monitoring for about a week. For an outpatient detox program, the addiction specialists will create a comprehensive plan and schedule of appointments.

Importance of alcohol detox

Many people associate detoxification with drugs like cocaine and heroin, but detox is also the first important step for those seeking to overcome alcoholism. An individual who drinks heavily develops a strong physical dependence on alcohol. Severe withdrawal symptoms will set in when the person stops drinking, making it quite difficult to avoid alcohol consumption without professional help.

You’re probably wondering why and when you should consider professional alcohol detoxification. Well, detoxing will be vital if you:

  • Have alcohol tolerance
  • Experience severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms when try quitting
  • Try quitting without success
  • You’re pregnant
  • Need more time to recover from hangovers
  • Have prolonged heavy alcohol use
  • Avoid specific social events to hide your alcohol abuse
  • Continue using alcohol even if it aggravates health issues like depression and ulcers

Benefits of choosing our inpatient alcohol detox program

If you’re looking for the best and reliable alcohol detox in California, you’re free to choose either an outpatient or inpatient program from our treatment center. The goal of these two programs is to relieve the devastating withdrawal symptoms safely, but inpatient detox is preferable for several benefits which include:

  • 24-hour oversight and supervision
  • Easier access to mental health and medical services
  • No access to alcohol or other substances
  • New friendships
  • Balanced diet
  • Tools for recovery, and more

Choose a top alcohol detox facility

Going through alcohol detoxification isn’t something that you should attempt to do on your own. Choose us today to receive safe, comfortable, and painless detox as you seek to start your recovery journey.

Channel Island Rehab offers the most excellent services for alcohol detox in California. If you or a loved one needs alcohol detoxification and ready to reach out for help. Don’t hesitate to contact us now; we’ll be happy to start you on the road to recovery.