Addiction Treatment Center

Channel Islands Rehab is a top-rated addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. We offer the best medical detox in California and follow it with a series of evidence-based modalities and counseling. We are one of the few rehabs to offer recovering addicts with a detailed aftercare plan to help them avoid relapse.

Role of medical detox in recovery

Medical detox is the first step of residential addiction treatment and involves the use of certain drugs in specific dosages to remove the toxic remains from the body. A licensed physician performs the detox procedure in a fully-equipped treatment facility.

Medical detox prepares the mind and body of patients to actively participate in psychotherapies, counseling, support groups, and other treatments and therapies. Detox enables recovering addicts to overcome the withdrawal phase in a calm, composed, and pain-free manner. It reduces the severity of withdrawal symptoms in individuals and reduces the chances of relapse by half. It is an inevitable part of rehab treatment in patients suffering from moderate to severe levels of addiction.

What is humanistic therapy in addiction treatment? 

Humanistic therapy is one of the many mental health approaches that we use at our addiction treatment center, and it emphasizes on being one’s true self to lead the most gratifying life. This therapy works on the core belief that all people are good and are well-capable of making the right choices in life. But issues arise when individuals do not hold themselves in high regard. With this therapy, we help recovering addicts develop unconditional positive regard about themselves and the world around them. 

Our therapists use humanistic therapy principles to help recovering addicts develop self-acceptance and to overcome disapproval from certain groups of people around them. This kind of outlook fuels change and fosters personal growth. This therapy is more effective than other behavioral therapies because it focuses on how to lead day-to-day life. At our facility, we use humanistic therapies in the form of role-playing, client-centered therapy, and gestalt therapy.

Relapse prevention education

We understand that, at every stage of recovery, there is a risk of relapsing. Hence, we offer relapse prevention education to all our recovering addicts to help them lead a structured life free from triggers and cravings. We encourage our patients to stay clear of boredom, stress, money issues, relationship problems, and anger. We recommend our patients to implement a relapse prevention plan into their everyday schedule to overcome cravings. 

Insomnia and fatigue are some of the common withdrawal symptoms in recovering addicts that can last for several weeks. We recommend our patients to exercise regularly and consume a balanced diet to improve their quality of sleep. Besides, we also advocate the practice of following a proper routine, structured sleep, regular physical exercise, and eating a healthy diet to help them lead a fulfilling life. 

Call Channel Islands Rehab today to join our addiction treatment center. We are one of the top addiction treatment facilities in the country, and we offer specialized individual treatment plans and help recovering addicts attain sobriety with humanistic therapies and a unique family program.