September 2022 Newsletter - Happy Fall!
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September 2022 Newsletter

Opening Soon


Channel Islands Rehab, LLC is opening an intensive outpatient office in Ventura, CA.

Things are going great and our grand opening date is getting closer. Stay tuned for for more information as we get ready to open our doors!

Three Habits that Boost Brain Power

Three Habits that Boost Brain Power

Experts say that behavior patterns can influence how your brain works. Altering harmful daily behaviors can help you age healthier and better. Here are some ways you can help boost your brain as you age:

Sugar free drinks
  1. Develop healthy sleep habits. The global Council on brain health says that quality sleep is crucial to a sharp and productive mind. Consistency is key. Go to bed at the same time and avoid electronics before bedtime. Too much caffeine at night can also throw off your rhythm. Research has found “significant association between sleep disordered breathing and the accumulation of bio markers for Alzheimer’s disease “, according to the Alzheimer’s association. She a healthcare professional if you have trouble sleeping.
  2. Avoid sugary drinks. A 2017 study found a link between consumption of beverages with sugar and poorer episodic memory, as well as lower hippocampal volume. Avoid soda and sweet tea, and limit in take a fruit juices. Consuming sugary beverages can spike blood sugar levels that may trigger inflammation in the brain. You are better off eating whole fruits, and not just there juice. “More than 60% of Alzheimer’s cases could be delayed or prevented “, says Dr. Annie Fenn, founder of brain health kitchen.
  3. Control the volume on headphones. Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are pretty much part of our lifestyle, but cranking up the volume may not only increase your risk of hearing loss, it can also lead to cognitive decline. According to a study published in Jama neurology, Moderate hearing loss places people at three times the risk for dementia, while severe hearing loss makes People five times more likely to develop dementia in their lifetime. – Mind Health Report, August 2022

You Deserve Good Things

You’re already set for success! You’ve got dreams worthy of your energy and effort. You’ve got the help and determination it takes to make great things happen. Now all you need is to believe in yourself. Every success story does!!

Seven Days of Inspiration

Seven Days of Inspiration

Day 1- You have every reason to feel confident.
Day 2- Sometimes taking a step back to make everything more clear.
Day 3- Hire help fire doubt!
Day 4- There’s a whole lot of happiness ahead for you!
Day 5- You will do some good today.
Day 6- One person can make a difference. You already have!
Day 7- Decide + Do= Dreams come true.

Women’s World, August 2022