Rehab Center

Selecting the right rehab center to fit in with your needs may be a tough decision. You will see that there are several rehabilitation facilities that you can choose from, with some that are better suited to your needs than others. Not every rehab is going to be created the same, so doing a bit of research before deciding is best. Many facilities may have reasonably similar treatment available, but the styles may vary.

These are some of the things that you can look for when trying to select a rehabilitation center for you or a loved one: 

Accreditation and Licensing 

It is better if you look for a rehab center that is fully licensed and accredited. You will find that the guidelines for accreditation are specific to each state, so you should check with the government in your local area to check and see if the facility you are interested in is accredited. There will also be individual licenses for everyone who you will be working with at the facility, so checking into staff is also helpful. 

Treatment Protocols and Methods

Every facility comes with its own protocol for how they approach treatment. Many facilities will be the same in the manner that they address counseling and therapy, drug and alcohol detoxification, and the type of items that are not allowed inside. However, there will be variances that you will want to check into beforehand. For many patients, it is best to have a mixture of counseling styles and treatment methods to get the most well-rounded and beneficial experience. 


Most people will have a higher rate of success moving forward from rehabilitation if they have aftercare of some type. This may mean moving into a sober living house or going through with outpatient services and counseling. It is imperative that you weigh all of your options before deciding on a rehabilitation center, so take the time to ask a variety of questions. 

Some of the more common questions people have when looking for a rehab center include: 

  1. What are the overall goals for the program?
  2. What can I expect when it comes to different forms of support?
  3. Is this a facility that offers short-term care, long-term care, or both?
  4. Are life skills and nutrition planning part of the program?
  5. What are the payment options available?

For many people, it is better to take a tour of any facility prior to making a decision. You can also take the time to look around online to see what other patients have to say about the experience that they had. No matter what, an informed decision is the best way to go.

Here at Channel Islands Rehab, we want you to know that we take your health and wellness seriously. As a local rehab center that has worked with countless patients, we are here to address all of your concerns and questions. We would like to set up a time for you to come by for a tour, or we can answer questions over the phone when you contact us today!