Individual Therapy Ventura County

Individual Therapy

Successful individual substance abuse therapy places you in a safe, comfortable space where candor and honesty can flow freely. The skilled and licensed addiction experts at Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center provide just this kind of caring atmosphere. Our Individual Therapy programs, run in conjunction with detoxification and other specialized treatments, help you navigate through the emotional and physical stresses of detox.

A Positive Approach to Healing

One of the key focuses of individual treatment is helping you come to grips with your addiction and teaching you how to change those behaviors that have led to your situation. We work to keep you in a positive mind frame, and we offer whole-hearted support for your efforts to courageously face the problem. Our therapists act somewhat as guides, too, providing insight into ways of meeting life’s day-to-day challenges, including interpersonal relationships and working a job.

Discovery Within the Calm

In every case, we introduce a feeling of serenity, a place where you can sense a true connection. Within this calm setting, we are able to develop a good, comfortable rapport. This helps us to identify and ultimately resolve the core issues at the root of your addiction. We apply evidence-based thinking and treatment, to achieve our unusually high success rate.

Individual Therapy is an excellent tool for individuals who struggle with expressing themselves, their fears and feelings. Our wholly proven, accredited program provides a solid anchor, with outlying support that continues to nurture and help you grow and enjoy the better life you yearn to have.