For You

Successful long-term recovery begins with you – and the fact that you have made the commitment to do something about your addiction. There is no shame in this recognition; there is only hope and the promise of a better future. By reaching out to those who can give you the proper help and support, you can recover and return to the addiction-free life you deserve.

A Setting That Restores Peace of Mind

Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center provides the perfect setting for your healing process. Our calm, comfortable surroundings – just a block from the Pacific Ocean – and our caring professional staff provide the kind of atmosphere that exudes warmth and positivity. You will quickly notice the all-enveloping power of our Total Immersion Method. It employs the latest advances in a wide range of proven, evidence-based modalities, specialized treatment plans, scientific neurobiology and more, strengthened by a solid, unbroken ring of support. Through these experiential therapies and the active mentoring of recovery experts, you soon understand the root cause of your addiction and gain the confidence needed to become well again.

Powerful Tools, Caring People

We provide you with all the tools you will need to complete your successful journey. Everything from fresh, professionally prepared and nutritionally balanced meals, to individual therapy programs, healthy exercise, art and sports activities, spiritual and meditation groups enable you to pursue a lifestyle that is satisfying on every level. With so much support at your disposal, your only focus is on becoming whole again.
Because such an important part of that support is your family, we introduce an in-depth Family Program that helps put the pieces back together for communication and mutual commitment. Our Sunshine Club, for children ages 4 through 17, helps them understand their feelings and the decisions you have made as their parent. It also teaches them resiliency and a sense of stability, to help lower their risk for future behavioral issues.
Visitors are allowed on certain days, so that you can enjoy time with friends, family and other loved ones. These positive influences are keys in helping you to regain your feelings of purpose and self-worth. In fact, at Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center, you will be surrounded by a ring of support, part of our Total Immersion Method that keeps you focused on a successful permanent recovery.