For A Loved One

Finding the proper care for someone you love can be especially daunting when it involves addiction to drugs or alcohol. There are abundant reasons why so many people trust that job to Channel Islands Rehab Treatment Center. We are leaders in dual diagnosis treatments and family programs that help solidify family bonds as powerful support mechanisms. The results we achieve for long-lasting recovery are well-known throughout the industry. Here, your loved one will benefit from an environment that is calming, pleasant and comfortable.

Multiple Levels of Treatment and Caring

The Total Immersion Method applied at Channel Islands provides an extra layer of comfort, assuring you that your loved one will have access to a full range of proven, evidence-based treatments, as well as an all-encompassing ring of support. We fully understand all the various components of addiction, not only physical, but the mental effects such as anxiety, depression and psychological trauma.

You can be sure that we are committed to helping every client achieve permanent recovery. Our treatments and therapies, combining the best of medical knowledge and scientific research, have enabled those in our care to lead long, productive lives. Your recovering loved one will also benefit from study groups, individual therapy, motivating exercise and uplifting activities like yoga, art, horseback riding and more. This intellectual and spiritual growth continues, even after leaving our facility, through the ongoing support and companionship of our Alumni Club.

Support That Spans Generations

We reach out to the loved one’s children, as well, through our Sunshine Club. Designed
for ages 4 through 17, the Club helps them understand their feelings and the decisions their parent has made. It also teaches them resiliency and a sense of stability, which helps reduce their risk for future behavioral problems or substance-abuse issues of their own.
We invite you to put your trust in our very special professionals at Channel Islands Rehab. You will recognize the difference in our immersive care philosophy from the very beginning. And you will feel secure with the knowledge that it is the kind of care that continues to inspire and empower in the days and years ahead.