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The revolving door of drug rehab stops here! Channel Islands Rehab is the best place for drug rehab in Channel Islands, whether this is your first time in drug rehab or you’ve lost count. We provide modern, top-of-the-line rehabilitation services that are in place to promote lasting results. Our Total Immersion Method (TIM) of addiction treatment is all about preventing relapse, a real problem in rehabs across America and throughout California. 

Did you know that the average relapse rate for drug and alcohol program graduates in the United States is 87%!? Of that 87% who will relapse, the overwhelming majority of these will relapse within the first 90 days after finishing rehab, and about 22% (roughly) will relapse within the first two years. This is why so many people who suffer from the disease of addiction endure relapse after relapse and rehab after rehab. It truly is a revolving door!

This vicious cycle takes its toll on the mind and the body. Although there is no conclusive proof, evidence suggests that the more times a person relapses, the less likely they are to get clean from drugs and alcohol permanently. Further, you pick up where you left off. This means that people who relapse start at the same place they were in their addiction when they stopped using. You don’t get to start from square one again. The disease of addiction picks up where it left off and continues progressing until it culminates in jails, institutions, or death.

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Another aspect of our total immersion method of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is customized treatment plans. This probably sounds a lot different from most other rehab centers in the Channel Islands, as it is. Most rehabs have what we call a ‘cut and paste’ rehab program. Everybody who receives treatment in these centers gets the exact same treatment and works the exact same recovery programs. Not so with Channel Islands Rehab! Here, we treat people individually.

Providing customized treatment plans means getting to know each patient who walks through our doors. By getting to know each patient, we can provide the best treatment for them. For example, some people benefit from a slower-paced recovery program, where they are allowed to work at their own speed. Others may prefer a faster-paced recovery program, believing that “idle hands are the devil’s playground.” Likewise, certain people are open to meditation, like yoga, and others are not. Either way, it’s okay. Using the world’s best evidence-based treatments, Channel Islands Rehab will work with you to give you a solid recovery foundation upon which you can build on.  

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Learn why we Channel Islands Rehab is fastly becoming one of the top-rated drug rehabs in Channel Islands. Our commitment to providing the best patient care is unwavering passion, and we will work as hard as you are willing to work to help you get sober and stay sober. Contact Channel Islands Rehab today to speak with a representative.

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