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Rehab Treatment Ventura

When you or someone in your family needs rehab treatment in Ventura, you want a program you can count on for lasting recovery. Total Immersion at Channel Islands Rehab can provide you with a solid foundation to build on when you're ready for detox and treatment. We are known throughout the district as Ventura County's premiere drug and alcohol addiction treatment center with a history of successfully treating alcoholism and drug addiction. Get help today while there's still time; call our 24-hour helpline at 800-675-7963 to get started on your recovery.

7 Programs We Offer At Channel Islands Rehab

1. Detox is the first stage in your journey to recovery. Thinking about detox can be scary but you don't have to be afraid of treatment when you choose our Medication-Assisted Treatment program at CIR. Our staff will customize your detox program and offer you comfort meds to minimize withdrawals and help you rest comfortably throughout the process. You'll receive proper nutrition and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere while you learn the skills necessary to abstain from drugs or alcohol.

2. Following detox, you'll begin healing from the devastating effects of drug addiction. Our Total Immersion Method will help you achieve long-term success in rehab, even if this is not your first time in treatment.

3. If you've been struggling with alcoholism, your recovery walk will look slightly different from someone in drug rehab; however, our Total Immersion Method will prove safe and effective for your recovery, as well. In both circumstances, we offer holistic therapies that treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

4. Dual Diagnosis treatment at Channel Islands Rehab addresses undiagnosed mental health issues you may not know existed or contributed to relapse in your past. A positive diagnosis of addiction and a mental health disorder can change the trajectory of your recovery journey. You can read more about the benefits of Dual Diagnosis treatment on our site.

5. Residential rehab at Channel Islands Rehab includes a thorough assessment of your condition and custom-tailored treatment that addresses your needs, in full. A severe addiction requires a strong commitment to recovery, which can be found in our residential program.

6. Family therapy is a significant part of your healing process at CIR. You'll gain skills and access to the tools needed to rebuild family relationships and make a fresh start going forward. We create a safe space for honest talk between family members, providing education for improving communication.

7. Humanistic Therapy gives patients self-confidence and ensures them they're valued as a whole person. If you've ever been in rehab where you were treated more like a number than a name, you'll appreciate the care provided in our Humanistic Therapy protocol.

Call Channel Islands Rehab while there's still time. Admission counselors are waiting to take your call and answer any questions about the treatment you may have. Your call is confidential; no one will know you're seeking treatment for addiction outside of our clinic. For rehab treatment in Ventura, reach us at 800-675-7963.

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