Rehab Treatment Center Ventura

Rehab Treatment Center Ventura

Channel Islands Rehab is a trusted inpatient/outpatient rehab treatment center in Ventura, providing professional help for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and alcohol/drug detox. Here, we use evidence-based therapies to bring about lasting recovery for our patients. Any rehab treatment center can help a person to get sober, as it is easy to get sober while you are in rehab. The real test comes after you finish rehab and go back out into the real world, and this is why Channel Islands Rehab focuses heavily on providing our patients with the tools they need to get clean and stay clean.

At Channel Islands Rehab, we take a slightly different approach to addiction treatment. It's not that we want to be rebels or stand out within our local drug and alcohol treatment community, but we realized that the dismal relapse rate for drug and alcohol rehab program graduates in California is appalling, and we want to do something to change it for the better. That's why we use evidence-based treatments at Channel Islands Rehab. To learn more about our evidence-based therapies or to speak with a counselor about treatment, contact us today: 

Why Choose an Evidence-Based Rehab Treatment Center in Ventura?

When searching for a drug and alcohol rehab center for addiction treatment, either for yourself or a loved one, it is important to remember that no two rehab treatment centers are created equally. Given that more than 4/5 drug and alcohol treatment program graduates will relapse within two years, most of whom will fall off the wagon in less than 90 days, a new approach to addiction treatment is needed. That's where evidence-based therapy comes in.

While it is true that the 12 steps of AA/NA and traditional Big Book rehab centers have helped many people to break away from the cycle of substance abuse, many people have fallen through the cracks. This isn't a knock on traditional recovery literature or techniques, but modern science and medicine have added to these vestiges of addiction treatment by giving us evidence-based therapy for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

What is Evidence-based Therapy for Addiction?

Put simply; evidence-based therapy is about improving the efficacy of drug and alcohol treatment plans. At Channel Islands Rehab, we use psychology to get to the root of addictions, as addictions are always by-products of deeper problems. Unlike many of the traditional means of treating drug and alcohol addiction, which are overly rigid and too difficult for many patients, evidence-based therapy is flexible and allows us to customized treatment plans according to the exact needs of the individual patients.

Here's what you can expect from our evidence-based Total Immersion Method for drug and alcohol addiction treatment:

  • Medically-assisted detox and treatment
  • Evidence-based modalities
  • Specialized individual treatment plans
  • Detailed aftercare plan
  • Scientific neurobiology
  • Humanistic therapies
  • A unique family program

Contact Channel Islands Rehab to verify your insurance or to speak with an addiction treatment specialist and learn more about our rehab treatment center in Ventura.


Rehab Treatment Center Ventura

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