Addiction Treatment

Channel Islands Rehab is a top-rated facility for addiction treatment, and we have helped several individuals break free from the chains of addiction. We are one of the few rehab centers to use therapies like self-hypnosis, internal locus control, and Hemi-sync sound therapy in rehab treatment.

How does self-hypnosis help in addiction treatment?

Self-hypnosis is also known as auto-hypnosis, and we use it to help patients learn the practice of attaining a self-induced hypnotic state. We use self-hypnosis as one of the treatments to help patients attain sobriety as it helps enhance the efficiency of self-suggestion. In this therapy, recovering addicts play the role of both the suggester and suggestee. 

Self-hypnosis not only promotes relaxation, but helps relieve tension, physical pain, suffering, and anxiety. While our therapists cannot be with our patients all the time, we teach the process of self-hypnosis to recover addicts so that they can control their thoughts and actions at all times. One of the empowering aspects of self-hypnosis is that it does not makes the patient a victim, as it may be the case with other therapies. It allows the patient to take up the role of the master, who controls and manages his or her pain. This encourages patients to embrace sobriety at a much faster pace.

Role of internal locus control in rehab treatment

Locus of control refers to a person’s belief system, experiences, and what that person attributes his/her success or failure to. With these sessions, we try to help patients understand that his/her success or failure is a result of their efforts and abilities. This approach helps us motivate individuals to attain sobriety by overcoming triggers and cravings.

But strengthening internal locus of control in individuals, we equip recovering addicts to stay motivated and focused on recovery. During these sessions, we reinforce statements like “My success in recovery is up to me,” I have to learn how to tackle triggers and avoid relapse,” etc. While the locus of control is a combination of an individual’s inborn personality and childhood experiences, we encourage our patients to learn the connection between their actions and consequences and thereby enhance their internal locus of control.

Benefits of residential drug rehab program

An Inpatient rehab program is for patients with moderate to severe levels of addiction. It is a more effective form of treatment and plays a pivotal role in addressing the co-occurring mental disorders along with addiction. Some of the advantages of a residential drug rehab program include:

  • It allows patients to focus on treatment in a stress-free, safe, and supportive environment for 30-, 6-, or 90- days.
  • Patients learn effective coping mechanisms to handle triggers, stressful situations, and cravings. This reduces their chances of relapse after rehab treatment.
  • Residential treatment allows patients to socialize with other recovering addicts in rehab. This allows them to provide and receive support from their peers in recovery.

Speak to one of us at Channel Islands Rehab for more details on our addiction treatment. We offer wholesome treatment for addiction from detox to medication management at affordable prices.