Addiction Treatment Oxnard

At Channel Islands Rehab, we offer evidence-based addiction treatment in Oxnard with a team of highly experienced admissions counselors, case managers, doctors, RNs, and therapists. We use the total immersion method to help patients overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Can group therapy help in recovery?

It is one of the many types of psychotherapies that we use to treat recovering addicts and alcoholics. It can refer to any type of psychotherapy in a group format. At our facility, we offer cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, yoga, meditation, etc., in a psychodynamic group therapy setting. We use this therapy on a large scale as it fosters change and helps develop interpersonal relationships in individuals.

We also use support groups, anger and stress management group sessions, and other psychoeducation groups as a part of our addiction treatment in Oxnard. It is one of the most successful addiction therapies as it allows recovering addicts to share their experiences, challenges, human concerns, and feelings with other group members. It also eliminates an individual’s sense of isolation and helps recovering addicts learn adaptive coping styles and improve communication.

Use of Cognitive behavioral therapy in addiction treatment

At our rehab facility, we use cognitive behavioral therapy extensively in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our team of highly astute therapists uses it to address disturbing thoughts and feelings in recovering addicts. Furthermore, we use it to teach individuals on how to find a meaningful connection between their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. This helps increase awareness and positively impacts recovery.

CBT is one of the most effective therapies that help treat co-occurring disorders like anxiety, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. CBT essentially teaches patients as to how their abusive patterns of behavior are irrational and how most of their disturbing feelings and behaviors stem from painful past experiences and environmental factors.

Automatic negative thoughts are the root cause of co-occurring mental disorders and addiction. We help eliminate such thoughts by training patients to dismiss their false beliefs, painful memories, insecurities, and other repressed emotions, that trigger the use of drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, CBT also helps us equip patients with self-help tools to improve their mood and communication skills.

Benefits of Dialectical behavioral therapy in rehab treatment

Dialectical behavior therapy is a popular addiction treatment therapy that helps recovering addicts learn and adapt mindfulness, emotional stability, and stress management. Some of the benefits of DBT include:

  • DBT encourages patients to seek peer groups and social environments that discourage the use of drugs/alcohol
  • DBT strategies include encouraging individuals to remove triggers, get out of unhealthy relationships, and to get rid of people that are bad influences in life
  • DBT improves self-esteem in individuals and equips them with confidence and motivation to power through stressful periods

Get in touch with our admissions counselor, at Channel Islands Rehab, for more details on our addiction treatment in Oxnard. We use therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, and biofeedback to help individuals attain sobriety.