Addiction Treatment California

Channel Islands Rehab is one of the top facilities for addiction treatment in California. We offer comprehensive treatment solution for patients suffering from dual diagnosis. Our staff work closely with patients suffering from conditions like bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, and anxiety and help them overcome both addiction and co-occurring mental

What is a dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to patients who have a co-occurring mental disorder along with addiction. Such patients require an integrated treatment plan and intensive inpatient treatment to overcome their mental health issues.

As a part of our addiction treatment in California,we use the total immersion method to help patients overcome their addiction, mental health issues, and to teach effective coping mechanisms to tackle triggers and cravings. We also use evidence-based modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and group therapy to help recovering addicts attain complete recovery.

Role of biofeedback in addiction treatment

We use biofeedback as a form of therapy to help individuals in rehab, regain control over their body, soul, and mind. Biofeedback sessions involve the use of electronic sensors on the patient’s skin, which we connect to a special medical device. This device provides our therapists and treatment specialists with important feedback and bio signs on our patients. We use this biofeedback information to teach relaxation exercises to patients and equip them with essential tools to control their body’s response to stressful situations, triggers, withdrawals, and cravings.

This therapy helps our recovering addicts understand their involuntary bodily movements, responses, and functions. We also use the information that we receive from a biofeedback session to create a personalized treatment plan to address the unique medical needs of each patient. Several times, involuntary body reactions can cause more distress causing individuals to use drugs. By understanding the body’s unconscious reactions to stressful situations, recovering addicts can overcome such intense moments with rational thinking, breathing exercises, and other effective coping mechanisms

Common mental disorders in individuals suffering from addiction

Mental health issues and substance abuse are closely related, and several times these disorders become the root cause of addiction. Some of the common mental disorders in patients suffering from addiction include:

  • Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) – Individuals with ADHD tend to abuse drugs or alcohol to overcome the symptoms of their mental illness temporarily. ADHD patients often abuse stimulants and continue to increase their dosage over time.
  • Bipolar disorder – More than 50% of patients with bipolar disorder suffer from substance abuse issues. While patients end up self-medicating themselves to attain temporary relief from emotionally straining situations and manic episodes, it can lead to fatal health implications.
  • Depression – While every 1 out of 10 people in the US suffers from depression, a small percentage of these individuals resort to drugs or alcohol to overcome their symptoms. However, this only worsens the pre-existing depressive condition over time.

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